Our Business

At Rancho our mission is to build long-term relationships with our clients & partners by providing professional property management services for our commercial, residential and condominium property owners. We’ve been doing it since 1958 in a tradition of excellence and innovation.

Few companies have the long history and in-depth knowledge that Rancho does. A solid understanding of property management, coupled with a professional, customer-focused approach, has contributed to positive results and longevity. Rancho Management Services, a family owned property management business, has been serving clients for over 50 years. Today, Rancho has offices in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Our broad portfolio consists of over 3,700 rental units, over 50,000 strata/condominium units and over 3.2 million square feet of commercial office and retail space. Rancho is consistently shown among the top 10 largest strata/condominium and apartment managers in the annual survey of “Who’s Who in Canadian Property Management Magazine.”

Whether it is strata/condominium, residential rental or commercial real estate, we will work with you to determine the basic management criteria and benchmarks for your property. We will provide a strategic plan developed specifically for your property. Our proposal will include our planned marketing strategy to tenant relations and lease renewals, maintenance and/or refurbishment programs, energy management programs where applicable, potential lease rate and occupancy objectives, staffing requirements and recommendations to improve cost control and maximize revenues. As your working partner, we will manage the day to day administration of your strata/condominium project. We will custom tailor the style and content of your financial reports to your individual specifications.

Our goal at Rancho is to maintain the investment projects we manage in a manner that maximizes return on investment according to our client’s priorities. Rancho’s residential rental and commercial real estate investment clients range from individual investors, to limited partnerships, co-ownerships and joint ventures. Because of the vast differences in our client base, Rancho tailors its management and reporting to meet each client’s individual needs.

Rancho employs a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and years of experience. Rancho has professionally designated property managers with a track record of ensuring that profits are realized reflecting a job well done. Rancho also employs Certified Accountants and staff at various levels in recognized accounting programs

• Rancho is licensed by the governing Real Estate Board in each city in which we operate

• Members of the Professional Property Managers Association

Through the use of strategic capital replacement programs and the ability to effectively manage rental rates and cost control, Rancho has been able to produce above average returns on projects. Using long-term capital budget models, Rancho has maintained above average short term returns while improving the long-term earning potential of projects. We have successfully maintained a vacancy rate well below the CMHC average. Our strategy not only increases revenue, it also reduces turnover which, in turn, reduces expenses. Rancho’s expertise in all areas of property and asset management allows us to uncover and eliminate all the obstacles that would otherwise prevent the project from maximizing its full earning potential. Over the years, Rancho has earned the respect of developers by taking on management of newly constructed projects and walking through and resolving typical problems associated with hand over of the project to the newly formed Strata/Condominium boards. We have long standing relationships with many strata/condominium projects and welcome you to contact them for comments or questions.

All areas of our business are designed to add value to the properties we manage:

  • Operations
    • Managers specialize in areas of maintenance, staffing, marketing and tenant mix.
    • Properties are kept clean and repairs are completed in an efficient manner ensuring esthetic value.
  • Accounting
    • Timely & accurate information is provided for effective decision making.
    • Property tax and insurance costs are analyzed to look for possible cost reductions.
  • Finance
    • Sophisticated financial & business models are used to prepare annual budgets and long-term strategic plans (including capital replacements and debt service) to ensure cash flows are maximized and continue well into the future.
    • Very competitive lending arrangements are negotiated for our clients using a wide variety of lenders.
  • Information Technology
    • State of the art business processes are used. Rancho constantly updates both hardware and software to ensure our employees have the latest tools to effectively produce the highest quality results for our clients.