Our Goals

Investment Properties
Our goal at Rancho is to maintain the investment projects we manage in a manner which will maximize the project’s return on investment according to our client's priorities. Rancho’s residential and commercial real estate investment client's range anywhere from single investors, to limited partnerships, to co-ownerships and joint ventures. Because of the vast differences in our client base, Rancho tailors its management and reporting to meet each client’s individual needs .

Strata/Condominium Corporations 
Our goal at Rancho is to work with the owners of each corporation to maintain the highest standard of living possible. Using the by-laws of the individual Strata/Condominium Corporations together with the applicable government regulations we achieve these goals  with the financial resources made available by the individual Strata/Condominium Corporations. Working with the Board of Directors of each corporation Rancho will apply its expertise to identify problems , offer options and make recommendations to maximize the use of the corporations’ financial resources both in the short and long-term.


Achieving Our Goals

Through the use of strategic capital replacement programs, aggressive rent increases and cost control, Rancho has effectively been able to produce above average returns on the projects under our management. Through the use of long-term capital budget models, Rancho has been successful at maintaining acceptable short-term returns while improving the long-term earning potential of projects through capital replacement programs. We have successfully used this strategy to apply for rent increases above the guideline (Manitoba) and increase rents while maintaining a vacancy rate well below the CMHC average. Our strategy not only increases revenue; it has also proven to reduce turnover which in turn reduces expenses. Rancho’s expertise in all areas of property and asset management allows us to uncover and eliminate all the obstacles that are preventing the project from maximizing its full earning potential.

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